Preview of my assignment for design drawing.
We had to draw using only straight horizontal and vertical lines without a ruler.
I kept thinking of bricks which reminded me of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”. So I scaled and mapped everything then taped another sheet on top and taped it to my window, then doing it all in straight geometric lines.
College is hard and I make it harder on myself

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babuboy27 asked:

How do you use colour pencil to colour skin tones?? Whenever I do it it turns out bleh... especially shading. I was told to use complementary colours to shade but sometimes the colour is too strong. ( your work.. I can't comprehend ur skill!!:))


Complimentary colors where I want more muted tones. I’ll use more than two typically, sometimes up to ten. Using darker pencils to the lighter of each until I get the effect I want. In the areas I want more vibrant I’ll leave as is, and if I want subtle more natural tones I’ll layer with a complimentary color.
Really you just have to play around with them and see what works best for you.
Hope this helps, thanks so much for the wonderful compliments :)

coffeeebae asked:

Your work is so fantastic! 😍 🌼


Thanks so much love!

Anonymous asked:

How much time do you usually spend on art in a day?? Your pieces are gorgeous :)


It varies. Anywhere from days straight until I make my sick of it and have to take a break. If I’m on an actual schedule (which is rare) I work about five hours a day

Finally all settled in and back at it. When it comes to the actual coursework I’m finding it kinda difficult going from doing immaculate pieces back to drawing straight lines. It’s frustrating, yet I really want to learn how to make my work even better.
Another exciting thing: if I can afford it I’m going to study abroad for a bit in Florence

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